Now there is also an experimental “TrianglesRotation” app for Android, downloadable from Google Play (or scan QR code directly from your mobile phone).app_qrcode

This app is a utility for square dancers using the Triangles Rotation Program on a square dance event.

The app allows dancers to lookup their current dance partner and square number that they where assigned by the Triangles Rotation Program.

No more need to walk to the overcrowded display and to search for your name.

You just have to enter your barcode number once and afterwards you can retrieve your current status by a single button click. The information is fetched via a WiFi connection directly from the server running the Triangles Rotation Program, so there will be no connection costs.

Please note that this app is still in its testing phase!

The app will only work at dances where the host provides a suitable WiFi access to the computer running the Triangles Rotation Program.