Highlights of the Triangles Rotation program include:

  • Fair rotation: Nobody has to sit out twice in a row and the program will ensure that everyone has to sit out equally often during a club night.
  • Supports single dancers as well as fixed couples
  • Barcode support: Dancers can register/unregister/change themselves, the operator is relieved of these tasks
  • Reliable system: Forget about program crashes
  • Extremly fast: Square generation in a fraction of a second
  • Multi screen operation supported
  • Easy and convenient operation also without barcodes

Additional interesting features which are not self-evident in all rotation programs:

  • Undo function that takes back the last rotation.
  • Support for two alternating dance programs at a club night, for example changing between A1 and A2. In this mode, A1 dancers will of course be preferred in the A1 tips, because they will have to sit out the A2 tips automatically.
  • Barcode printing function with numerous selection possibilities to print an PDF with barcodes for new dancers or dancers from the database.
  • Class mode: In this mode, class dancers will never have to sit out (unless they want to) and they will automatically
    be distributed equally among all squares.
  • Automatically unique, as short as possible dancer names that adapt themselves depending on the present dancers.
  • Runs on current Windows and Linux versions.

What this program does not do:

  • There is no weighing of any kind.
  • There are no fancy sit out strategies like “only every third tip”. Dancers can easily achive similar effects by scanning themselves out for individual tips.
  • The program does not try to be mathematically correct. It rather focusses on fair sit outs and to create a good dance experience for the dancers.