The Triangles Rotation program is a computer program to rotate dancers between squares at a square dance.

Dance events become stress-free using a computer program: You do not have to find a place in a square, single dancers do not have a problem to find a partner, “set squares” are avoided, everyone has to sit out equally often and nobody has to dance in the bad square in the back of the hall all the time.

How does this work?

  • Arriving dancers log on to the computer using their barcode
  • For every tip, the operator creates a rotation by a single click
  • Dancers can see on the screen where and with which partner they dance
  • If you want to have a break simply scan your barcode once and you will sit out the next tip
  • If you leave before the end of the dance just log off the computer by scanning your barcode twice
  • Using some special barcodes dancers can activate special functions by themselves, for example having a fixed partner or changing the position boy/girl.