Here I list some answers to frequently asked questions.

What does the program cost?

A license for a single computer costs 59,50 € (50 € plus 19 % VAT if applicable). The license is not transferrable. Additional display clients do not need a license on their own.

What does “not transferrable” mean?

Under Windows, the Triangles Rotation license is bound to the Windows license. If the Windows license remains the same on a computer upgrade, the Triangles Rotation license will keep working. If not, you will need to purchase a new one. Changes of the Windows version will also invalidate the Rotation license. Under Linux, licenses are bound to hardware attributes. Here only the exchange of the hardware might lead to an invalidation of the license.

License updates cost 29,75 € (25 € plus 19 % VAT if applicable), the old license must not be used after such an update.

How do I get the program?

I send you a download link. You can then install the program following the instructions (I might be able to help via remote access). The program also works without a license – you just cannot mix squares.

Which scanner do you recommend?

I am satisfied with the Motorola Symbol LS2208 scanner including a stand, it costs about 100 € (Attention, it is also offered without stand, which I cannot recommend). We also tested cheaper devices, but with those the recognition rate was worse, especially on worn out barcodes.

Does the program also work without barcodes?

Yes, indeed. The registration screen lists all dancers that are expected for a dance. By clicking on the names, dancers can be logged on or off. This works relatively well when you have a defined group of dancers, for example club members for the club nights or registered dancers for a special dance. Single unexpected dancers can be logged on manually from the dancer database or new dancers can be created. Nevertheless, this is not feasible when too many dancers have to be added, so this is for example not recommended for a special dance with a box office. Overall we have to emphasise that the program is optimised for the use of barcodes. With the nowadays really cheap prices for scanners in mind we would really recommend to go for a scanner.

I have another question!

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