Installing an update

Updating the system to the current program version is fairly easy:

  • Save your dancer and configuration data using the export database function.

  • Download the current version.
    The file will be called something like "".

  • If your "config.php" resides in your "sd" directory (on windows probably C:\xampp\htdocs\sd\config.php), move it one directory level upwards (on windows e.g. to C:\xampp\htdocs\config.php). This step is not necessary if you did this already in an earlier update.

  • Rename or remove your old "sd" directory

  • Unpack the downloaded ZIP archive to the web server directory (on windows probably to C:\xampp\htdocs\), a new "sd" directory will appear.

  • Go to http://localhost/sd/ with your web browser; the program will tell you that it is running on a different system, click on "restart program". The program menu will appear. A click on "Admin" should show you the new programs' version number.

  • If your update requires a change in the database structure, you need to fix your database. This can be achieved either by dropping and recreating the database, followed by an import of your saved database export, or by a call to the check database function.

An overview of the current program changes is available in the release notes.

If you experience problems after an update, please refer to Problems after an update or Troubleshooting.

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