The file "config.php" is a text file that contains all basic configuration information for the program, including license, club name, access restrictions, and so on.

See the basic configuration list for an overview of all parameters.

The "config.php" file will either be located in the "sd" directory of your web server, or one directory level higher.

On a typical windows installation, the locations might be




Note that the "config.php" in the sd directory will be ignored if the global "config.php" is available.

A template file named "config.php.template" is available in the "sd" directory that can be used as a starting point for the creation of an own configuration file.

Note that you must not remove the inital and final php markup (i.e. "<?php" and "?>"), or else you will break the program. All configuraton settings must be included between those markers, or else they will be ignored (and become displayed on all of the program screens).

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