All license information is stored in the file "config.php". These variables are used:

$to_conf['lic_name']="My Club e.V., Hintertupfingen";

To license a system, first define the name of the licensee and enter it in the field $to_conf['lic_name']. Afterwards, get the serial number for your computer from the admin screen, e. g. "Serial #11-363e-869d". These two values need to be transmitted to the licensor.

In return, you get a license key, this needs to be entered in the field 'lic_key', if you have a time limited license, the field 'lic_valid_until' has to be set to the end date of the test period.

These values must not be changed later, else the license will become void. In that case, the admin menu will show "Unlicensed copy". On unlicensed copies, the generation of squares is locked, the other functions may be used. The license is bound to a specific computer and cannot be transferred to a different machine.

Under Windows, the Triangles Rotation license is bound to the Windows license. If the Windows license remains the same on a computer upgrade, the Triangles Rotation license will keep working. If not, you will need to purchase a new one. Changes of the Windows version will also invalidate the Rotation license.

Under Linux, licenses are bound to hardware attributes. Here only the exchange of the hardware might lead to an invalidation of the license.

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