Welcome screen

For an individual design of the welcome screen, colours for back- and foreground, as well as the address of an own logo can be put into config.php. If you want to use an own logo, please store it in the sd/img directory. If these parameters are not set, the program defaults to black characters on a white background and will show a blue square dance sign in the upper left and right corners.

The colour values can be given as known from HTML, i.e. as colour name "red" or as hex code "#ff0000". For the logo, all image formats supported by your web browser are permitted.

$to_conf['fg_color'] = "black";
$to_conf['bg_color'] = "#f2f300";
$to_conf['image']    = "cpp.png";

The text shown on the welcome screen can be configured on the admin screen and will be stored in the configuration database.

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