Getting started

At first you need to get all your dancers into your database. We recommend that you start with the database of the Triangle Squares, which does not only contain dancers of the Triangles, but of all the dancers that got barcodes from other clubs that use the Triangles Rotation Program.

You'll find files named in the "data" subdirectory of your installation. Choose the newest one and import it into your empty database using the import database function.

After a successful import, you need to add your own dancers. The best way to do this depends on what you intend to achieve:

If you are a square dance club, you probably want to add all your club members first.

Prepare a text file (or Excel .csv) that contains all club members. The file has to look like this:

Miller;Peter;M;My Club;;A1;
Myers;Petra;F;My Club;;C1;

Import this file using the ExcelImport function, using the "active" mode. Make sure that you configured the range of barcode numbers assigned to your club correctly. In this case, the "Barcodes from" should automatically show the first free number of your barcode range.

When you perform the import, all "active" flags of all dancers in the database will be cleared, all your dancers will be importet. If one of your dancers is already known in the database (match of first and last names), he will be marked as "active" and will keep the barcode assigned to him earlier. If a dancer is not known yet, he will be created, marked as "active", assigned the dance program from your list, and get a new barcode from your barcode range.

See the description of the barcodes function on how to print the barcodes for all your club members.

Important: After a successful import of dancers you should save the database using the export database function. This will enable you to recreate the current state at any time and avoids loss of important information (e.g. which barcodes were assigned to your club members).

If you intend to conduct a special dance, you probably want to add all participants of the dance to your database.

The operation is basically as described above. Create a text file with all participants of the dance and import it using the ExcelImport function, but use the "special" mode.

This will operate similar to the procedure above, but the import will clear and set the "special" flag on the dancers, so that using the reg mode "special" will exactly show all participants of your special dance on the reg screen.

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