Alternating selects the type of your dance. It will heavily modify the behaviour of the rotation program.

Check "alternate" if you dance alternating dance programs, e.g. A1/A2, or PL/PL/A1. Do not check this if you only dance one program. We currently only support a maximum of two different programs at a time, i.e. you cannot select three or more alternating programs.

If checked, the "Program" selection will allow you to check two programs. If you "Save" with only one program selected, the "Alternating" setting will be cleared automatically.

Check the two programs that you will use alternatingly. On the main menu, The "New Tip" will be replaced by two "New Tip" links.

When "Alternating" is active, you need to make sure that the dance programs of the individual dancers has been set correctly on the Edit dancer record screen. Dancers who also dance the higher program will be marked with a » symbol in front of their name on the Reg screen. When generating the squares, for the lower dance program tips, the program will give dancers who only dance the lower dance program priority over the dancers who also dance the higher program. During the higher program tips, the lower program dancers will automatically be "out". To distinguish this from other reasons for sit outs, this "out" will be marked in a red colour. On the admin screen, the Show red outs switch can be used to select whether you want to see those dancers on the Tip screen. For the higher program dance tips, the program will also try to balance the sit outs for the high program dancers, so that everyone gets the same number of high program dances (as far as this is possible).

(New in v2.5c, still experimental) The PVLLS option (Punish Voluntary Low Level Sitout) is only taken into account when Alternating mode is active.

If this option is selected, voluntary sit outs of the dancers of the higher program during the lower program dance will not be counted. For example: You have an alternating A1 / A2 dance. Without PVLLS, an A2 dancer who voluntary sits out every A1 tip, will be allowed to dance every A2 tip (because of the rule that nobody should sit out two tips in a row). With PVLLS activated, this voluntary sitout will be ignored, and the dancer might sit out the following A2 tip if he has already danced more A2 tips than the other A2 dancers.

Please use this option only if it is absolutely unavoidable!

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