Mixmode controls the algorithm for mixing the squares:

  • auto automatically switches between "random" and "correct" modes depending on the quota of dancers that have to sit out compared to the number of dancers that can dance.

  • random is usually a better choice if few dancers sit out.

    For choosing which dancers will be in the next tip, this mode will only take into account the quota of tips a dancer has danced compared to the tips he has sit out. Dancers with the worst quota will definitely be in. If dancers have the same quota, a random choice will be made.

    While "random" is a good choice if only few dancers sit out, it might create a feeling of unfairness if many dancers sit out (although the quota of dances compared to sit outs will definitely be correct).

  • correct is usually a better choice if many dancers sit out.

    In addition to the "random" algorithm, also the duration that a dancer has sit out will be taken into account. Please note that this might lead to having always very similar squares under certain conditions.

Note: In any case, a dancer that has sit out one tip, will dance the next tip (except he volunteers to sit out of course).

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