(New in v2.7) Sound enables playing of a sound when squares have been mixed.

"none" disables playing of sounds, 1 to 3 selects one of the predefined sounds. "custom" selects a custom sound that can be defined using the config parameter $to_conf['sound'] in the config.php file.

Please note: Depending on your web browser or its configuration, playing of sounds might be disabled by default.

Notably current Firefox (123.x) blocks autoplaying audios. In Firefox, a little icon will show up in the browser title bar left of the URL when audio is being blocked. By clicking on it, you will be able to allow playing of audio. Alternatively, you can change that behaviour in the browser settings under "Privacy & Security" in the area "Permissions " for "Autoplay".

Test sounds:

Please note: If playing of the above sounds works, the automatic playing after the square mixing might be blocked by the browser nonetheless!

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