The barcodes function on the admin screen allows to print sheets of barcodes for dancers.

To use this function, it is necessary that your dancers already have barcode numbers assigned. This can be achieved automatically using the the ExcelImport function; to get a detailed insight on how to do this have a look at the Getting started chapter.

The program is optimized for use of 6 digit numerical barcodes. You should have been assigned a number range (if not, ask the program author), and this range should be present in your configuration (compare this description).

The selection for which dancer barcodes will be printed is controlled by the "reg mode" and "barcodes" settings on the admin screen. See the decription of the barcodes settings for details.

The program will create an A4 sized PDF containing 5 x 13 labels per sheet. If you have the necessary printable labels (see paper type for details), they will exactly fit.

If the currently selected number of dancers is not a multiple of 65, the program will fill up the free spaces on the label sheet. Use the "print fill" option to select which barcodes to print here. The numbers usually should be set to your barcode number range. If you select "unused", the program will print only numbers not yet present in your database (starting from the lowest free one). You can use those codes to give them to barcode-less visitors of your dance and add add them manually to your dancer database using the new dancer function.

Important: When printing the barcodes, make sure that the labels are printed with their actual size. You'll have to uncheck a possible scaling that your program (e.g. Acrobat Reader) might want to apply.

For experts: The program generates Code 128 barcodes, preferrably using the Code 128 C set.

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