Caller display

The Caller display is an experimental feature to support callers during dances that use the Triangles Rotation program.

The caller display is available via the "C2" link from the Reg-Screen menu, but only if enabled in your config.php using the setting


Alternatively, you can access the caller display directly at http://localhost/sd/?mode=caller2

The caller display shows a maximum of four squares. If more than four squares are present, you can select the squares you want to see via the drop-down menu near the square numbers. The selection will be reset when a new tip is generated or when you use the link "Reset square selection" at the bottom of the page.

(New in v2.2) The default square arrangement can be selected on the admin screen.

Every couple in every square has little markers "1 2 3 4 X" that can be used to modify the dancer positions in the square. Clicking on an number will move that couple to the respective position in the square, clicking on X will exchange belle and beau dancers within a couple.

The couples you moved will be highlighted (blue background) to indicate that this is a couple you know. (Changed in v2.7a) You can also manually toggle this by right-clicking (or long press on a touch screen) on a dancer. This selection will also be reset when a new tip is generated or when you use the link "Reset square selection" at the bottom of the page.

Below every dancer name there is an (invisible) input box. If you click there, you can enter a line of text which can help you to identify that dancer (e. g. "Red shirt"). This text will be stored permanently, i. e. it will reoccur every time that dancer is member of the squares you're looking at. This info is stored locally in your web browser and will only be cleared when you use the link "Reset caller info" at the bottom of the page.

For an automatic update of the caller display it is necessary to enable the "Multiscreen" option on the admin screen; without that, the caller display needs to be refreshed by a manual reload.

(New in v2.2c) Dancers can be moved using drag & drop. A change within the couple can be accomplished by moving the belle dancer over the beau or vice versa. When a dancer of one couple is moved over a dancer of another couple, those two couples get exchanged.

(New in v2.2e) To make it easier to see where the drag will go to, the dancer placeholders change colors: The dragged dancer becomes yellow, the current destination place becomes orange.

Please do not try to move dancers to a different square, this will lead to unexpected results!

(New in v2.2c)

With "Toggle display 2 or 4 squares" you can switch between a 2 or 4 squares display. Useful if your screen resolution is to small. The setting will remain until you exit your browser.

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