The file is used to export and import about all of the program's data.

The file is written by the export database function and can be imported using the import database function.

General format

The file is organized as a text file (encoding ISO-8859-1) with up to three different data types. The first two characters of every line indicate the type of data:

Indicator   Row dataProgram version  
u:Dancer record >= v2.5
U:Old dancer record >= v2.2 and < v2.5
t:Very old dancer record >= v2.0j and < v2.2
T:Absolutely old dancer record <= v2.0i
D:Tip record >= v1.0
d:Old tip record < v1.0
C:Configuration record   all

The actual data following the type indicator is grouped in fields, the fields are separated by Ctrl-A characters.

The end of the line indicates the end of the row, line separator is Ctrl-J (= line feed).

Dancer records

Please note that newer program versions are able to read all old dancer record formats. Older program versions won't be able to read newer formats.

1 UID Internal numerical dancer id, must be unique among all dancers
2 Dancer short name Only relevant if auto unique names is disabled
3 Dancer last name Must not be empty
4 Dancer first name Must not be empty
5 Dancer gender 1=Man, 0=Woman
6 Dancer Beau 1=Dancer can dance Beau position, else 0
7 Dancer Belle 1=Dancer can dance Belle position, else 0
8 Dancer flags Bitfield indicating dancer status
1=not next tip, 2=every tip, 4=must dance next tip
9 Dancer partner UID of partner if dancer is coupled. If this field is not empty, then the record of the partnered dancer must have the UID of this dancer in this field.
10 Same square dancer (New in v2.2, does not exist in "T" or "t" records)
If this field is set to a dancer UID, then this dancer prefers to be in the same square as the indicated UID. If this field is set to negative UID, then this dancer wants to avoid to be in the same square with the indicated UID dancer in this field.
11 "T", "t", "U" records:
First dancer barcode
"u" records:
All dancer barcodes
< v2.5: First (or only) dancer barcode
>= v2.5: All dancer barcodes, separated by a Ctrl-B character between the barcodes
All barcodes must be unique among all dancers, including alternative barcodes
12 Alternative dancer barcode (New in v2.0j, does not exist in "T" records)
(Dropped as of v2.5, not present in "u" records)

Must be unique among dancers, including primary barcodes
13 Class flag 1=Dancer belongs to class, else 0
14 Presence flag 1=Dancer is currently present, else 0
15 Lock flag Dancer is locked to this square number, else empty
16 Member ID Triangle Squares internal use
(New in v2.1e) A 4-digit number is used as security code to allow access from the Android app
17 Dance program flags Bitfield indicating the dance programs of the dancer
1=B, 2=MS, 4=Plus, 8=A1, 16=A2, 32=C1, 64=C2, 128=C3a, 256=C3b, 512=C4, 1024=Special flag, 2048=Active flag
18 Club name Club name of the dancer

Tip records

Basically those are an orderd list of dancers in the tips. For every tip, record 0 has a special meaning, while record 1 is the boy in couple 1 of square 1, then the girl of couple 1, then couple 2, and so on. The last records of a tip are the dancers who were present but sat out. For those dancers, a flag indicates the sit out reason.

1 Tip Tip number, numerical, starting from 1
2 Number Record number within this tip, numerical, starting from 0 (for every tip)
3 ID Record 0: Number of couples per square for this tip. For open tips, this value is 0, and open tips do not have additional tip records.
Other records: UID of dancer (see dancer records section) at this position in the squares.
4 Flags Record 0: Time stamp of time the tip was generated, format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
Other records: Dancer flags. 0=Normal, 1=Voluntary sit out, 2=Sit out forced by program, 4=Must dance next tip, 8="red out", dancer does not dance this level (only for higher level in alternating mode)
5 Level (New in v1.0, does not exist in "d" records)
Record 0: Dance program for this tip, see dance program flags in dancer record, or 0 for open tip.
Other records: 0

Configuration records

Currently undocumented.

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