The Setclass function is available from the secondary menu of the admin screen.

This function provides the possibility to modify the presence status of all class dancers:

  • normal: Reset the status of all class dancers to "normal".

  • not next: Set the status of all present class dancers to "not next", i.e. they will show up in blue on the Reg screen.

  • every: Set the status of all present class dancers to "every", i.e. they will dance every tip and do not have to sit out (this only makes sense outside class mode, because in class mode, class dancers dance every tip anyway).

The delete options differs from the others: It does not change the presence of the dancer, but deletes the class status. This cannot be undone and should only be used after your class has been graduated.

There will be a security question before the actual modification is done. Click "YES" to perform the modification.

Usage examples:

  • During an A1 class, the caller wants to call a full A1 tip. Use Setclass: not next to force all class dancers to sit out that tip.

  • During an A1 club night, the caller wants to call an A2 class level tip. Use Setclass: every to make sure that all present A2 class members will be included in the next tip. Use Setclass: normal

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