Known bugs

This is an incomplete list of known bugs in the program which might become solved in future releases:

  • Couples get split
    (Hopefully solved with the new pos mode algorithm in v2.4)
    The program sometimes splits fixed couples (i.e. dancers which have registered with a fixed partner). This can have various reasons and cannot be avoided completely. Couples where both dancers have the same dancing position (e.g. both "belle" or both "beau") are split almost every time. Couples where one dancer is "beau" or "belle" while the other is "both" will be split from time to time. In rare cases, also couples with different dancer positions are split. This will definitely happen if it is necessary to fill up a square, and also if one of the dancers already danced more tips than the other.

  • Mixing is not perfect
    It feels as if the program tends to keep you in little groups of dancers which move together from square to square for a while, and these groups dissolve slowly during a longer dance session, being replaced with new groups. While the number of dancers that you danced with in the same square increases constantly from tip to tip, it is quite probable that there will be a small number of dancers that you haven't danced with in the same square at the end of a session.

  • Mixing fails occasionally
    Occasionally the program might be unable to mix squares. Often this is due to an unbalanced number of "belles" and "beaus". Another possible scenario is the case where too many dancers are set to "must dance" (or in class mode where class dancers are allowed to dance always), so that other dancers will have to sit out twice in a row (which is something that the program refuses to do). It would of course be better if the program would warn the operator about this situation and offer solutions. Usually this problem can be solved manually by making additional dancers dancing both positions or by putting people out manually.

  • License gets invalid on a major Windows 10 update
    (Hopefully solved with the Win 10 license algorithm in v2.3)
    Our license key calculation on Windows uses the Product ID of your machine. This used to uniquely identify windows version and windows license key.

    On Windows 10, it seems that on major operating system updates, the part of the Product ID that identifies the windows version might change, just as if you installed a different Windows version, thus invalidating your Triangles Rotation license.

    The last Win 10 update triggering this bug occured at the end of September 2016. We will eventually change the license key calculation for Windows 10, but are still collecting information.

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